Play N Wrap


Play N Wrap - the hobby mat for kids. It's the clever, play, tidy and store solution for messy hobbies! Don't put up with the mess created by toys like Lego, loom bands, toy bricks or puzzles. Lay out the Play N Wrap when the kids want to play or build, and when they are done, all they have to do is pull up the cord and the mess is gone in seconds. The mat is now a bag and all the toys are neatly stowed away. Ready for the next play. No 'precious' bits can go missing.  

Play N Wrap is made of pure cotton fabric. The bottom layer is tough and durable navy blue corduroy and the top layer is red and white striped soft cotton fabric. The white cord runs in a concealed channel between the two layers of fabric, except at the ends, from where it can be pulled up. Great for storing Lego, puzzles, toy bricks and any game that has hundreds of parts.

Fabric is very easy to care for. Machine washable.

Size: Approximately 150 cms in diameter.

Weight: 600 gms.


Not intended for children below the age of 3.


Free Delivery within Australia