Here's what some Mums and Dads had to say about Play N Wrap:


Really nifty idea. Works well for our duplo so we can take it from playroom to outside or to grandparents. Prompt delivery and email updates. Good value.

--Kate Matthews, Paddington, QLD

Fabulous customer service with quick contact and delivery. Large mat is great. We have two boys and they can both play easily with the large mat.  Beautiful materials and well made. Holds a large amount of toys -Saving all our normal "pack up" fights. Boys think it's fun putting toys back on the mat. We have one just for Lego and the rule is Lego always stays on the mat.  Best invention and reasonably priced. The free shipping always attracts me.  Well done on your business.

-- Sally Sutherland, Aspendale Gardens, VIC

It's finally here... designed by a mum, this is really the perfect solution for mums who are constantly in a quandary as to how to contain your kids' Creations-in-Progress. It is so cleverly designed playmat that it doubles up as a carry all, making it easy to pick up and pack up all their works in progress be it Lego, craft, toy cars or loom bands.

--AnneMarie Puddy, Brighton East, VIC

Play N Wrap has made my life so much easier . As a busy mum with two boys who love Legos and cars , pack up after play is done with no arguments . Like my 7 year old asked me "Mum- why didn't you get Play n Wrap earlier, we would have saved so much time “

--Rashmi Nayak, Brighton East, VIC

Shilpa, just to let you know that the Play N Wrap’s really came into their own today when the tidy up prior to cleaning took 1 minute rather than 25. I am a convert!!!!!.

--Anna Wellington-Boyd, Brighton East, VIC

 It's a winner!!!

-Terri Green, Brighton East, VIC

Darcy has his Lego in one and I haven't had to growl at him to tidy it up once since we've had it. Get one.My parents saw this in action today with Darcy and his Lego.

Mum pronounced it "brilliant". And that was BEFORE I told them it was the brainchild of my friend Shilpa Joglekar!!

You all need one. Per child."

-Celia Jane, Brighton, VIC