Babyology on June 21, 2014

Play N Wrap hobby mat makes toy tidying a breeze

I’m going to tell you the names of two toys, and you have to guess what they have in common. Ready? Lego. And loom bands. Go.

Did you get the answer? It is, of course, toys with lots of little bits that get left all over the house and are slowly driving me insane. I understand that the kids need to spread them out to play with them. I understand that works in progress are extremely precious and I mustn’t pack them all up while anyone is still working on them. But honestly, if I have to pick another loom band out from between my toes…

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Sorted! on June 23, 2014



Do you struggle to manage the kids toys? How about organising Lego? What about wrangling itty-bitty hobby or construction items?

Play n Wrap is a new Melbourne-designed product to help wrangle playtime for your kids.

Beautifully crafted, it’s constructed with two layers — a tough outer layer of corduroy and a top lining of soft fabric. Both are 100% cotton. A generous 1.5 metres in diameter, it’s larger than similar products on the market. It’s great to see a unisex (no pinks or blues!) design utilising red, white and blue stripes.  Simply pull the cord and packing up happens in seconds.

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