What is a hobby mat

The perfect play n store solution for Lego and other hobbies March 16 2014

It's a large mat - Use it to play on and when done, pull up the cord and the mess is gone in seconds! Easy as that!!!.

If you have been desperate for a clean up solution for the hundreds of bits of Lego, loom bands, beads and craft projects that your children leave on the floor, all over the house, then this is the product for you. It is made of two layers of great quality cotton fabric. The underside is of tough corduroy, while the top layer is soft cotton, making it a very comfortable mat for kids to play on. When they are done, all they need to do is pull up the cord and hang it in their room on a hook, or on the door handle. It's ready for play next time and rest assured there will be no missing "precious" bits.

It's also portable, so it is a great way to take your hobby outdoors - to the beach or park. Your hobbies can now be taken to places you never thought possible!